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What is Anime?

Anime is traditionally known as a specific subgenre of popular entertainment originating in Japan. In its beginnings during the early 1900s, its style was heavily inspired by cartoons from other countries, specifically American classics such as Disney's "Steamboat Willie" and other films. However, over the course of many decades, the industry branched out to see the birth of many different styles and genres. Titles were produced that satisfied individuals of nearly any interest, such as action, fantasy, romance, science fiction, horror, and even "mecha" (series depicting robots or mechanical men as the main protagonists). In the 1980s, Japan opened up the anime industry and began distributing it to other countries. For the first time, those in America were able to experience a completely different type of animation style. For many years, anime series brought to American shores were few and far between, and a specific few titles became the defining examples for the genre, such as Astroboy, Macross, the Gundam series, Speed Racer, Sailor Moon, and Dragonball Z, to name a few. However, an industry boom in the 1990s and early 2000s brought anime to the forefront of televised entertainment. Anime began airing on a variety of American stations, and specific time blocks like Toonami on the Cartoon Network only increased the genre's popularity. Anime began attracting audiences worldwide, and more and more titles than ever were brought over from Japan. Companies like Funimation and ADV began licensing and dubbing into English as many titles as possible. However, the anime industry has been on a steady decline in the States due to a suffering economy. Many American companies have closed, and today titles are being released by only a select few companies. The future of the anime industry is unknown in America, but hopefully it will not completely die out any time soon.


The purpose of the Missouri State University Japanese Animation Club is to share anime, a unique form of Japanese artistic expression, with the rest of campus and the Springfield community. The club provides a place for current fans of the genre to gather and view screenings of various titles within the company of likeminded inviduals. Fans of anime can meet weekly to discuss their favorite shows and view new series that they've never seen. The organization also introduces this genre of animation to those who have never experienced it before. We do our best to support the industry and view only official, licensed titles to better educate others about the various producers and distributors that release these shows in America, and also encourage anyone who watches anime to do the same by only purchasing licensed products The officership strives to maintain a professional and enjoyable atmosphere for each member, where each viewer can enjoy the latest from Japan, as well as classic favorites, without fear of harassment or personal discrimination for any reason. Anime is often misunderstood or underestimated, so the presence of our organization on campus makes the general population more aware of its existence and educates them further about the true nature of this Japanese tradition.

Club Meetings

Meetings are held every Friday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Cheek 102, the main auditorium space on the first level of the building, located directly across from the Cheek computer lab.The first meeting consists of voting on what four series to watch for the rest of the semester. We will narrow down the selection of members' contributions to a total of three series to watch. The fourth series will include a title that the club voted to purchase for the library during the previous semester. The club also hosts a Halloween game night and Christmas "ninja" gift exchange each fall semester. The times and locations of these events will be announced during in-club meetings and on the main page of this site well before their actual date(s).


Membership each semester costs $5 to be paid to the club treasurer. Dues go toward funding new titles for the club library and allow for free admission to all events and parties.

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