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Opal Agency is a student-run advertising agency dedicated to helping organizations reach beyond their goals.

The opal gem is extremely rare. No one opal is the same. Each is unique with its own individual beauty. As an agency, our team is unique and our clients are diverse and essential to our success. As a full-service agency, we can ensure that the development of each idea is creative, unique, and valuable just like our client.

As the first, and only, student-run advertising agency at Missouri State University, we are determined to set the bar high. Opal Agency values and promotes students with diverse majors. The agency provides them with real world, internship-like experiences. We work with real clients that own and operate small businesses and organizations here in Springfield, Missouri.

At Opal, we strive not only to promote products, but ideas as well. We are extremely passionate about spreading awareness of important global issues. We look at perception as reality. It is our goal to paint the right picture so that we can create the ideal reality. 

Our client for 2016 is the local food truck London Calling! 

Our past clients include:

That Lebanese Place                                                                                                         
Missouri State Association of International Students                                                                  

Back Forty Taxidermy
Chilton Oil Company
Andy’s Foundation

Positions we hire for:

Director of Account Services               Graphic Designer

Account Planner                                 Video Producer

Account Manager                                Video Editor

Market Research Analyst                     Website Designer

Social Media Strategist                       Art Director               

Copywriter                                         Director of Social Media & Public Relations

Copyeditor                                         Human Resources


To apply for a position, please request an application by emailing info@opalagency.com. 



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Phone Number P:(573) 647-0725