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A Cub Bella (ACB)

The purpose of this female a cappella group is to provide an outlet for young women to express themselves through vocal music and performance. A Cub Bella represents the university by performing at events and competitions throughout the year.

Academic Integrity Matters Student Organization (AIM SO)

We aim to enhance the MSU community by promoting a community of scholars dedicated to academic excellence through increasing the awareness of academic integrity, creating citizens of enhanced character, in concert with the public affairs mission.

Academic Media Production Guild (AMPG)

The purpose of the AMPG will provide an opportunity for MSU students and community members to develop and understand the processes of media production, project management, project planning, creative leadership and techniques required to succeed in media.

Accounting Club/Institute of Management Accountants Student Chapter (Accounting Club/IMA Student Chapter)

The purpose of the Accounting Club is to promote understanding of modern accounting through organized meetings and events. Also, the Accounting Club assists members in their career endeavors by meeting prospective employers and learning about companies.

Active Minds at Missouri State (Active Minds)

Active Minds is a non-profit organization on campus working to promote positive mental health and wellness.


Adolos is a non-denominational Baptist church and faith community, focused on growing together as disciples. Our goal is to grow as a group of family missionaries whose purpose is reaching out to college students.


Advocates is the student organization at Missouri State University focused on using activism to create an inclusive campus for the LGBTQ community.

Advocates for Disabilities (A4D)

Advocates for Disabilities promotes awareness and provides advocacy for students with disabilities. We also provide volunteer opportunities. Anyone can be an advocate, including those who do not have a disability. Will you advocate and promote change

Advocating for Families and Children (MoStateAFC)

Advocating for Families and Children Association is a new club that is open to all students. Members will have networking opportunities with community agencies and other students in similar educational fields.

Aerialists (MSU Aerialists)

A group for those interested in aerial arts such as aerial silks and community involvement.

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