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Economics Club (Econ Club)

This organization is dedicated to presenting the opportunities available to students with an interest in Economics. Some activities include application of economic principles to student life, guest lecturers, and attendance at economics conferences.

Educator's Honors Society (ETHOS)

This is an organizer for future teachers who are in the Honor's College here at Missouri State University.


Ekklesia is a community of students who are radically inclusive, progressive, critical thinkers, and who are committed to social justice for all people; because that is what Jesus did.

Emergency Management Student Association (EMSA)

The Emergency Management Student Association (EMSA) creates educational and professional networking opportunities in emergency management. EMSA strives to emphasize the importance of emergency management and to create a more resilient community.

Enactus Missouri State University (Enactus)

We are a leadership organization that strives to educate and empower people in need. We use our resources to give others an opportunity to improve their lives and build a better, more sustainable world.

Entertainment Management Association (EMA)

The Entertainment Management Association at Missouri State University is a student organization providing the opportunity for students to gain experience, make contacts, and learn about the entertainment industry through tours, speakers, and events.

Essence of Hip Hop (Essence)

We will uplift and inspire the community and spirits of Missouri State University with our positions as not only students, but also citizens, outwardly expressing ourselves through movement with song and dance. Essence is a Co-Ed dance

Eta Sigma Delta (ESD)

Eta Sigma Delta is an international hospitality and tourism management honor society. Induction is held twice per year, and is by invitation only.

Exercise Science Association (ESA)

ESA is an organization devoted to building professional relationships within the MSU campus and the surrounding community. We are a collection of students, both Exercise Science Majors and non, who wish to meet others and develop our professional skills.


EXIST is a campus ministry out of Berean Baptist Church assists in the Spiritual development of college students, provides Biblical teaching, and provides an avenue of fellowship for those who attend Missouri State University.