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La Barraca

La Barraca's purpose is to inform our society, and introduce them to the Spanish language and its cultural background, as well as unite those who share a common passion for the language and its culture. All levels of Spanish proficiency are welcome.

Lacrosse Club

Our organizations purpose is to allow students to continue their enjoyment of the sport of lacrosse in part of a successful organization. We give student athletes a chance to continue their teamwork and communication skills, as well as an oppotunity to

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity (Lambda Chi)

Through our core values and ritualistic teachings , Lambda Chi Alpha aims to systematically develop our men by fundamentally shaping who they are, what they know, and what they can do.

Lambda Pi Eta (LPH)

The purpose of Lambda Pi Eta is to promote scholarship and leadership within the Communications Department. Admission into the organization is based on academic excellence in both the departmental requirements and the university.

Latter-Day Saints Student Association (LDSSA)

The purpose of the Latter Day Saint Student Association is to help students, both male and female, to stay closely affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and achieve a balanced life, while continuing success in the classroom.

Le Club Français (Les Francophones)

Le Club Français is open to people who are interested in getting together with other students who enjoy speaking French and learning about Francophone cultures.

Leaders in Community Service (LCS)

The Missouri State University Leaders in Community Service (LCS) is a registered student organization dedicated to serving the Springfield community. LCS was established in 1994 as a complement to the Federal Work-Study program.

Leadership Programs (Leadership)

Leadership program

Leading in Education to Approach Latinos (L.E.A.L.)

The purpose and mission of the organization is to help students to understand the Latino and Latino-American culture. We will support and encourage members of the organization to become active leaders by succeeding academically and socially through their

Live Action Society of Missouri State University (LAS)

Live Action Society (LAS) is an alternative recreation club which hosts a variety of games that revolve around the use of foam dart blasters. Join us for our biggest semester game, Humans vs. Zombies!

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