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Maroon Madness

Maroon Madness is the only official spirit organization of Missouri State athletics with a mission of increasing student support at athletic events and fostering a sense of athletic pride throughout the student population at Missouri State.

MBA Association (MBAA)

Organization for MBA Students at MSU.

Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Club (MEP Club)

MEP Club will provide opportunities for Missouri State Students to develop a relationship with local businesses and MEP professionals in the construction industry.

Mens Club Soccer (MCS)

The Missouri State club soccer team competes against various schools in the surrounding area. The purpose of the organization is to promote student engagement through the game of soccer.

Men's Club Volleyball Team

We are Missouri State's men's club volleyball team. This is a highly competitive environment where we compete around the Midwest in tournaments and games.

Men's Ultimate (Missouri State Men's Ultimate)

As an organization we emphasize teaching the sport of Ultimate and creating a team to play at Collegiate-level competition. We are THE competitive Ultimate team on Campus. We will travel throughout the Midwest to compete against other universities.

Missouri Association of Planning Students (MAPS)

If you ever wonder about cities, come check out MAPS! We are a group of students intrigued by cities and their operation. We provide members with opportunities to investigate cities through guest speakers and national events, among others. Check us out!

Missouri State Argentine Tango Club (MSATC)

Do you want to dance? Do you want to make new friends and have fun doing so? Learn to dance tango at Argentine Tango Club!

Missouri State Club Golf Team (MSCGT)

The Missouri State Club Golf team competes in 2 regional tournaments each semester through the NCCGA. Tournaments are 36 hole events playing 18 holes Saturday, and 18 holes on Sunday. Our team competes in the Central Region of the NCCGA.

Missouri State Improv

Missouri State University's resident improv comedy team.

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