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Racquetball Club of Missouri State University

To promote and facilitate racquetball play at Missouri State University

Ranch Horse Team

The MSU Ranch Horse Team competes with their horses against other universities and individuals in the collegiate division of the American Stock Horse Association (primarily) in Ranch Trail, Ranch Pleasure, Reining and Working Cow Horse events.

Ranger Challenge Club (RC)

Ranger Challenge seeks to field the best qualified RC team capable of competing in events at the regional/national level while exemplifying values of the Army Ranger and cultivating comradery, excellence, honor, and integrity.

Recreational Outdoors Club (ROC)

To encourage students to make a conscious commitment to healthier living and to discover the OUTDOORS,through different forms of RECREATIONAL ADVENTURES in a fun CLUB setting.

Recruiting Emerging Alumni Leaders Bears (R.E.A.L. Bears)

R.E.A.L. Bears (Recruiting Emerging Alumni Leaders) is sponsored by the Missouri State Alumni Association. R.E.A.L. Bears promotes an understanding and awareness of alumni programs while students are still enrolled in school and encourages their

Religious Studies Club, The

The purpose of the Religious Studies Club is to: 1) promote tolerance of world religions through education and discussion; 2) provide an environment which facilitates the open exchange of ideas; and, 3) discuss the social, economic, and political

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

The Residence Hall Association serves as a unifying body for all of the residence halls on campus. The organization works to improve the quality of life for all residents through programs and projects.

Rho Lambda

Rho Lambda serves as an organization for Greek women who have excelled in academics and community service. Members of Rho Lambda are chosen because they uphold the standards that their individual sororities were originally founded on.

Roller Hockey Club

The purpose of the Roller Hockey Club is to organize athletes on campus to play competitive in-line hockey.

Running Club, The

We are students who run. We use GroupMe and Facebook to communicate. Please text 4176316785 with your information if you'd like to join our little group.