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Active Minds at Missouri State (Active Minds)

Active Minds is a non-profit organization on campus working to promote positive mental health and wellness.


Advocates is the student organization at Missouri State University focused on using activism to create an inclusive campus for the LGBTQ community.

Advocates for Disabilities (A4D)

Advocates for Disabilities promotes awareness and provides advocacy for students with disabilities. We also provide volunteer opportunities. Anyone can be an advocate, including those who do not have a disability. Will you advocate and promote change

African Student Association (ASA)

African Student Association serves as a support network for the general welfare of African students here at MSU. Our goal is to create awareness of the African culture and promote a better perception of Africa. ASA welcomes all cultures and ethnic groups

Animal Rights Club (ARC)

Animal Rights Club is dedicated to promoting animal welfare through service, education/awareness, demonstrating, legal reform and fundraising.

Bears Better Together

Bears Better Together is an interfaith dialogue and service organization at MSU. We invite people of all religious and secular traditions to voice their values, engage with others, and act to make the world a better place!

Bears for Life: MSU Pro-Life Advocates (Bears for Life)

Bears for Life is MSU's pro-life organization. We raise awareness about the obligation that all Americans have to protect the right to life, especially life at its most vulnerable and innocent state.

Beekeeping Club (BeeMSU)

The purpose of MSU Beekeepers is to educate the student body about bees and their conservation, to provide the opportunity to MSU students hands-on experience with bees, and to make a positive impact on Missouri State University’s sustainability.

Board of Governors Scholarship

Recipient of the Board of Governors Scholarship will have the opportunity to give their time and talents to the community, while living out the Public Affairs Mission.

Colleges Against Cancer (Relay for Life)

The American Cancer Society is the nationwide, community-based, voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering.

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