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Advocates is the student organization at Missouri State University focused on using activism to create an inclusive campus for the LGBTQ community.

Advocates for Disabilities (A4D)

Advocates for Disabilities promotes awareness and provides advocacy for students with disabilities. We also provide volunteer opportunities. Anyone can be an advocate, including those who do not have a disability. Will you advocate and promote change

Aerialists (MSU Aerialists)

A group for those interested in aerial arts such as aerial silks and community involvement.

Alpha Gamma Rho (Ag Rho)

To make better men, and through them a broader and better agriculture by surrounding our members with influences tending to encourage individual endeavor, resourcefulness and aggressive effort along lines making for the development of better mental,

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

To inform, educate, and excite members in the area of Earth science with an emphasis on the petroleum geosciences while impacting the community in a positive way. Assist with professional growth and development and facilitate networking opportunities.

Animal Rights Club (ARC)

Animal Rights Club is dedicated to promoting animal welfare through service, education/awareness, demonstrating, legal reform and fundraising.

Anthropology Club (Anthro Club)

The Anthropology Club exists to allow students to explore their interests in humanity. Regular programs introduce students to the four fields of anthropology as well as special activities to allow students to apply their anthropological knowledge.

Archery Club

We are a competitive club, aiming to advance the skills of both new and seasoned archers, as well as compete at a collegiate level with other universities.

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)

Student chapter of the National Organization, Associated Builders and Contractors. It offers students opportunities to network with professionals in the Construction Management field. ABC has student competitions throughout the year.

Beekeeping Club (BeeMSU)

The purpose of MSU Beekeepers is to educate the student body about bees and their conservation, to provide the opportunity to MSU students hands-on experience with bees, and to make a positive impact on Missouri State University’s sustainability.

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