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Uniendo Nuestros Orígenes (UNO)

UNO is committed to supporting, empowering, and uniting Latin@s on their journey in higher education.

University Ambassadors (UA)

As the official public relations team for the University, University Ambassadors promotes a positive image of the University through representation at receptions, athletic events, special events, and by supporting campus departments in their endeavors.

University Coalition of Young Artists (UCYA)

We are the new, official Student Organization for the Missouri State University Theatre and Dance Department. Our purpose is to represent the Theatre and Dance department, increase lines of communication between artists, and provide artistic opportunity.

University Scholarship

Recipients of the University Scholarship create change in the community by volunteering their time and talents.

Untamed Tongues

Untamed Tongues is a poetry collective dedicated to establishing a place on campus for poets and musicians to share their creative works with others, be active servants to the community, and maintain high academic achievement.

Up 'til Dawn (UtD)

Up 'til Dawn is a student led organization chartered on 250 campuses across the country. Our Missouri State charter is one of the top 10 schools in the nation. Our mission is to raise funds and awareness for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.