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Alpha Gamma Sigma Fraternity (Ag Sig)

Alpha Gamma Sigma is a fraternity built upon an appreciation of Agriculture. Most of our members are agriculture majors, but this is not a requirement. We strive to build leadership, professionalism, and brotherhood in our members.

American Chemical Society (ACS)

American Chemical Society provides students of chemistry, chemical engineering, and related disciplines the opportunity to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to obtain experience

Board of Governors Scholarship

Recipient of the Board of Governors Scholarship will have the opportunity to give their time and talents to the community, while living out the Public Affairs Mission.

Campus Recreation (Campus Rec)

The Missouri State Campus Recreation department fosters community, promotes physical fitness, and enhances wellness while enriching the university learning experience. Activities for all interest and skill levels are offered through Campus

Career Center

The mission of the Career Center is to provide professional assistance and intervention to Missouri State students and alumni through the use of career counseling, internship and full-time job searches, and vocational and educational information, so

Computer Services

This organization has not yet updated their description.

Concrete Consortium (MSU ACI)

The purpose of MSCC shall be to further the goals of the department of Technology and Construction management at Missouri State University. This group will provide opportunities for Missouri State students to develop a relationship with local business an

Conference Services (CSO)

This organization has not yet updated their description.

Counseling Outreach & Peer Engagement (COPE)

1. To provide fellowship, cooperation, and a supportive setting for students in the Counseling Program that encourages professional and personal growth.2. To facilitate the exploration of theories, research, and practice of counseling.3. To provide

Disability Resource Center

In conjunction with the Community Principles and overall mission of Missouri State University, the Disability Resource Center appreciates disability as an integral part of the university experience. We are committed to providing equal access and

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