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Beekeeping Club (BeeMSU)

The purpose of MSU Beekeepers is to educate the student body about bees and their conservation, to provide the opportunity to MSU students hands-on experience with bees, and to make a positive impact on Missouri State University’s sustainability.

Circle K International (CKI)

Our mission is "developing college and university students into a global network of responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service." Collectively, CKI members perform more than 1 million hours of service on their campuses.

Collegiate DECA (DECA)

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

Graduate Student Senate (GSS)

The GSS works to bridge the gap between graduate students and university departments, and facilitate meaningful dialogue in order to accomplish desired goals. The GSS is the official voice of graduate students.

Greek Week Committee 2017

The Greek Week Committee

International City/County Management Association (ICMA Student Chapter of MSU)

The goals of the ICMA Student Chapter is to introduce and integrate students into local government and the management profession and familiarize students with ICMA members, resources, and the Code of Ethics.

Leaders in Community Service (LCS)

The Missouri State University Leaders in Community Service (LCS) is a registered student organization dedicated to serving the Springfield community. LCS was established in 1994 as a complement to the Federal Work-Study program.

Maroon Madness

Maroon Madness is the only official spirit organization of Missouri State athletics with a mission of increasing student support at athletic events and fostering a sense of athletic pride throughout the student population at Missouri State.

MSU: I'm First (I'm First)

The purpose of MSU: I’m First is to provide resources and support for first generation college students. Our goal is to assist first generation students with their transition to university life and help them succeed through graduation.

Recruiting Emerging Alumni Leaders Bears (R.E.A.L. Bears)

R.E.A.L. Bears (Recruiting Emerging Alumni Leaders) is sponsored by the Missouri State Alumni Association. R.E.A.L. Bears promotes an understanding and awareness of alumni programs while students are still enrolled in school and encourages their

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