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Veterans Student Organization (VSO)

Our mission as student veterans is to further personal growth and leadership through community and campus engagement by awareness, education, and services.

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

Welcome to Vietnamese Student Association. We are a group of student aiming to promote Vietnam's culture, people and our nation throughout campus.

Vine, The

The Vine wants to encourage and challenge the spiritual growth of students at Missouri State University.

Vineyard, The

The purpose of The Vineyard is to provide students with an opportunity to fellowship with members of The Vineyard Christian Fellowship movement and similar denominations, engage in conversation about beliefs, struggles and controversy regarding the

Violin Society (MSU Violin Society)

We aim to promote a greater understanding of and appreciation for the violin and to encourage excellence in music performance and pedagogy. Members will be given opportunities to learn from their colleagues as well as from professional violinists.

Visual Studies Graduate Society (VSGS)

For Graduate Level Art Students to get involved, build leadership, and interact with one another.

Volunteer Programs (Volunteer)

Missouri State University students will be active citizens by engaging in positive social change in the local, national, and global communities.