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Water Ski Club

If you love the water, then the Missouri State Water Ski Club is the place for you! From recreational to advanced tournament skiers everyone has a place. If you are a recreational skier just looking to get out on the water or just get away from

Wells House

A place for all Wells House residents and enthusiasts!

Wildlife Society of MSU

The purpose of The Wildlife Society MSU Student Chapter is to prepare members for careers in wildlife biology, conservation, and management. Encourage professionalism and high standards for scholarship. Provide opportunities for improved communication

Womens Club Soccer (WCS)

The Missouri State Womens Club soccer team competes against various schools in the surrounding area. The purpose of the organization is to promote student engagement through the game of soccer.

Women's Club Volleyball

The Missouri State Women's Club Volleyball Team will competitively compete against other colleges in several tournaments throughout the year. The purpose of this organization is to promote competition, discipline, and travel while playing volleyball.

Women's Lacrosse Team (Women's Lacrosse)

Women's Lacrosse Team focuses on building skills in lacrosse and playing as a team. It is open to any female currently enrolled at MSU. The team is a competative team in a mid-west lacrosse league and plays games in the spring seasons.

Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team (Women's Ultimate)

Bearly Legal Women's Ultimate is an organization provided for Missouri State students to compete in the fun and challenging game of Ultimate Frisbee.

Woods House

Woods House Hall Council

Wrestling Club

This club is for anyone who is interested in supporting the sport of wrestling, at all levels, in Missouri. As such, this club has two complementary missions, competition and service. The former is met by organizing some recreational/competitive